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Originally founded 26 years ago by Dr. Cunningham, we are still a small family owned and run company. Dr. Stephen and Dr Sol have many years of experience with a proven track record in successful dental treatments.

So how are we different? Well number 1 isĀ  that we are a small family owned business and we care about you ,not just a quick profit. We take pride and a personal approach to running things and you won’t be handed over to a nameless manager. In fact, we believe in accommodating our clients to the maximum. We not only care about their dental health but we care about them as people. At Tuncurry Dental Care, we have invested time to create an environment that provides maximum comfort, hygiene, and quality dental procedures.

All of our training has been in the UK, Australia and New Zealand so you can be assured it is up to date. Not only that but we completely understand that it can be a scary prospect to visit a dentist so will do everything we can to make it comfortable and painless. From no needles to full on sleep dentistry or even the latest laser treatments you will be in the hands of a fully qualified, experienced and gentle dentist. With fantastic dentists and great staff, your entire time at Tuncurry Dental Care will be anxiety-free.

With affordable dental services and payment plans available we cater to patients far and wide but especially in Forster and Tuncurry Area.

General Dentistry
We provide comprehensive dental care from simple dental evaluation to teeth restoration.
Missing a tooth? Dr. Stephen can replace one or more missing teeth with implants.
Emergency Dentist
We provide emergency dental services to fix broken teeth and relieve toothaches.
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Teeth Braces
We can correct your crooked smile. Enquire about orthodontic treatment at Tuncurry Dental Care
We use special laser to whiten your teeth. Gentle and effective treatment.
Teeth Protection
Evisculate holistic innovation rather than centric data.
Revolutionize global sources through dental services.

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We pride in providing gentle and effective dental treatment. Customer service is our priority and we aim to make your dental visit as stress-free as possible.

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